The Making of New Township - Serikin

Serikin is one of the unique border trading places between Sarawak and Kalimantan. During the non-covid era, many shoppers flock to this border trading place to buy household items, vegetables and other products that are traded at the border.

If you have been there before this, you might still have the memory how the place looks likes, which is mostly a temporary make-shift. However, during this Covid-19 Pandemic, some development is quietly going on t improve the outlook of the place. These building might not serve the same purpose as that make-shift but could be a much better structure for storage and larger trading.

These new structures will be the catalyst for the better trading facility between the two border places, the Serikin and the Indonesian side.

Electrical Transmission Cable
Electrical Transmission Cable from Sarawak to Kalimantan

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