Stray Dog Catching Net

Stray dogs roam around just because their owner has disowned them. It's a pity that this best man friend has to face the harsh reality of the outside world. Many of them have been knocked down by a car, hit by an unknown individual, poisoned by someone, and others as people have seen these stray dogs become a nuisance in their living territory. Some of these dogs have become aggressive or some have been infected by diseases and viruses. In short, they have posed a greater danger to the surrounded society especially those children that love to play outside their house or also roam around in their neighbourhood.

As most of these stray dogs posed danger to society, we have created this dog catching net for the authority to catch these dogs and put them in the right place. Where they put them is not at their own discretion, none of our business, as long as they don't shoot them dead in front of us.

These are heavy-duty dog catching nets and have a flexible pole. The net is made of Nylon string. It can even use to catch a medium-size crocodile.

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