Solar Powered Fish Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator

The machine, Paddle Wheel Aerator main purpose is to make water ripple so that the water can mix with the air particularly Oxygen. The process is called Water Aeration.

Fish or prawn may not be able to survive in the pond should the water has no oxygen or little oxygen. There are many types of living organisms in the water that taking away most of the oxygen from the larger creatures like fish and prawn.

So, with any kind of aeration taking place, fish should be living happily in the pond as they can get a sufficient amount of oxygen for their growth and survival.

Here are some of the components for Solar Power Paddle Wheel Water Aerator.

Generally, I am satisfied with most of the components excepts few are really not worth my money.

These few are really of very low quality, namely;

1. The base metal frame - It might get rusty in no times and its welding spots are just very poor finishing.

2. The Container that housed the Charger and Inverter - To me, it is just a food container that they modified. It is of very low plastic quality.

There are China Imported Products.

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