Photo Voltic Panel Maintenance

Photo Voltic Panel or Solar Panel Maintenence

Solar panels provide you with renewable, perhaps for over 20 years or more. They need to be maintained regularly to ensure it efficiency in generating power for your requirement and to run your loadings.

Similar care you will have to do when you own a car. You need to do the normal maintenance as required by the manufacturer or when ever it is required. Certain accessories need some adjustments to ensure peak performance.

Your own life to live need maintenance as well.

Generally, Solar Panel requires a very minimal maintenance. Most of the panel are made of robust materials that can stand adverse weather condition. However, the frequency rate for maintenance is highly dependent on the installation location. If your panels are installed in a crowded city, it is subjected to heavy dust mixed with machineries (vehicle) smoke. Your panel will certainly require, perhaps yearly cleaning as it may be covered with sticky accumulated dust. If your panel is installed nearby the bushes or jungle, it has the tendency to collect leaves or bird dropping. Accumulation of particles over a period of time can form a thick layer of “sludge” on your panel surfaces that are very stubborn to be washed away, even under the heavy downfall. You may have to use light dishes detergent to clean them.

Note that you should not use or applied washing detergent or abrasive substance for solar panel cleaning. It might spoil the glass panel.

The use of water-jet is also not recommended as the strong water jet will shattered the solar cell.

Solar panel maintenance is not a difficult job to do. However, the risky part is the height, poor roofing or the roofing conditions.

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