Crazy People Love this tool

This object looks simple or looks useless to some people. However, don't bother about how it looks but find out what it can do for you in time of need.

I ever get locked in a washroom and initially don't know what to do. Luckily the lock of the washroom was almost spoiled which made easier to destroy with one knuckle blow. What will happen if the lock is solid ?

This Key Chain multi purpose tool might save your day should you get trapped somewhere in a room. You don't need a MacGyver skill to unlock yourself as once this simple tool is in your possession, you certainly can use it effectively. You can even remove the whole door of the washroom.

The above is just once scenarios, but there are many scenarios where you can use this tool. 

Some of the other scenarios;

- open your car window should you left your car key inside the car. Of course, this needs special skill to negotiate your way to unlock your car.

- Open up a beer bottle, can food, cutting small pieces of wood, unscrew or screw and many more usages.

If your mind is active, get one for yourself. You are Crazy but surely the smartest one to own this key chain multi-purpose tool. It looks elegant and solid.

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