Amaron Battery for Solar Lighting System

Updated: Jun 18

This is a Auto Battery that I will use for Solar Lighting System. As there is no critical purpose, perhaps this auto battery can do good for the lighting system.

It is a 12V 45aH car battery. On it box, it stated as Lasts Long, Really Long...I am not sure what this long stand for here, whether it power or it life time. It is a Zero Maintenance type or sometimes people called it a dry battery.

This is stated as 45aH . That mean it can store a power of 540Watt.

For the purpose of calculation, it will take 5.4 hours to charge it fully on a 100W Solar Panel, on a sunny day. It will be able to power a (3 light bulbs, 10W each), 30W light bulb for more or less 18 hours. However, this is for a calculation purpose only. In reality, it will not match up with this theory as there are several factors to considered such as the length of the cable to the battery from the solar panel, Solar Charger type (it will be using a MPPT type), cable length from the Charger to the light bulb (DC system). Cable size and quality also play an important role to determine it efficiency.

The downside : The downside of Car Battery for Solar Power system is SLOW CHARGING compared to those batteries that are design specifically for Solar Power System.

However, if it can last for more or less 10 hours, it should be OK.

What is important is for Charging a Hand Phone or Power Bank, cooking and dinner time, wash room and few hours before bed.

This will be used at a farm house.

It cost RM290.00 (after some membership discount & apps pay tips).

This is the first time I will use a Car Battery is used for Solar Lighting System that I ever do. Hope it will work well or else my client will not happy with it.

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